As NEUCHEMIE, we are dedicated to offer specialty chemicals to create value for its customers in the long run. NEUCHEMIE is one of the few companies to offer chemicals for Drilling, Acidizing, Cementing, Coil Tubing and also for Energy production.

INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE and GLOBAL KNOW-HOW are what make NEUCHEMIE the most sophisticated chemical company in the market. Let NEUCHEMIE give you the top quality chemicals with minimum lead times and with the highest level of technical service. Let NEUCHEMIE boost your company’s ENERGY!NEUCHEMIE divides geothermal operations into two main divisions. OPERATIONAL and PRODUCTION chemicals.

Operational chemicals include; drilling, acidizing, cementing, coil tubing and well completion chemical specialties.

Production chemicals include; power plant scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors and cooling water treatment chemicals.

Partnership of NEUCHEMIE with GEOTHERMAL SOLUTIONS INC. provide global geothermal know-how with the highest level of local service in the market.


  • Global know-how through partnership with GEOTHERMAL SOLUTIONS INC,
  • Local presence and technical expertise,
  • Timely delivery on field,
  • No minimum order necessity,
  • Local laboratory test availability for acidizing and cementing applications,
  • 7/24 on-field scale inhibitor technical support.