Cooling Water Treatment
· Industrial Raw Water
· Cooling Water
· Boiler Water
· Closed System
· Reverse Osmosis
· Swimming Pool

Managing a whole cooling cycle is possible with NEUCHEMIE’s applications which are the combinations of application know-how and high performance products by improving cost and process lifetime, saving energy and providing efficiency.


  • CORROSION INHIBITOR: Special formulated products to fight against corrosion in cooling water systems.
  • SCALE INHIBITOR : Special formulated products to prevent scaling and heat transfer losses in cooling water systems.
  • BIOCIDE: Different base of biocides to prevent or to get rid of biological formation in cooling water systems.
  • BIODISPERSANT: Biocidal-efficiency booster for cooling water systems.
  • ANTIFOAM: Different base of antifoam products to prevent foaming in cooling water systems.