Closed System Treatment
· Industrial Raw Water
· Cooling Water
· Boiler Water
· Closed System
· Reverse Osmosis
· Swimming Pool

To ensure that closed systems are well maintained and operate at optimum efficiency is essential that the correct water conditions are maintained at all times.  This can be achieved by using carefully selected closed system treatment chemicals.

With NEUCHEMIE’s advanced technology closed systems treatment chemicals, it is possible to deliver significant operational benefits and performance improvements to closed systems including sea water cooling systems, closed chilled systems, low pressure heating systems and other closed circuits that use water as a primary medium.


  • CORROSION/SCALE INHIBITOR: Specially designed products to prevent scale and corrosion in closed systems to help boost productivity.
  • BIOCIDE: Different base of biocides to prevent or to get rid of biological formation in closed systems.
  • ANTIFREEZE: Anti-freeze solutions to prevent system against freezing under severe weather conditions.
  • ANTIFOAMS: Different bases of antifoam products to prevent foam formation which can lead to pump upset and heat transfer decreases.